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Fierce exchange of blows for a change
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  The refusal of the driverís mate to give a passenger of a Kwame Nkrumah Circle- Teshie Labadi trotro mini bus her change triggered the exchange of fierce blows between the two last Thursday afternoon. The woman boarded the car from Kwame Nkrumah Circle to Danquah Circle and on reaching her destination she demanded her change from the mate who dismissively said he had no smaller denomination to be able to give her the change. He then ordered the driver to move on Ė an action that infuriated the passenger who yanked the driverís mate out of the vehicle and threw a wild jab at him. With his tattered shirt tightened to his neck, the mate wriggled for freedom and gasped for breath. It took the intervention of a passerby and some passengers on board the vehicle to save the boy from further beatings. By David Andoh.  

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Maame Aba
Jan 27, 2013
11-06 GMT
Dis is too much sis take ur tym,he is jxt lyk ur brother calm down
Alhassan Pele
Jan 17, 2013
5-34 GMT
Any serious business person will adequately prepare him/her self for the ready market in order not to loose any peswa, i think it was a collective failure on the part of the driver and the mate to make change available even b4 the lady's destination, this is not an isolated issue it is very rampant on daily basis.
Jan 15, 2013
14-58 GMT
when economic situations in country starts plunging this is what u see being displayed openly. Get a lil closer and u ll realise its just over a 50p change. This is not funny,its utterly outrageous. Those loughing at the poor guy, it cld be u.... Let's unite against violence....
Jan 12, 2013
6-09 GMT
hahahahahahahhaaa eeeeiiii marcus gyamerah...dis ur english die33...hmmmmm i doubt sey u go skul
Jan 11, 2013
13-16 GMT
i believe it is the responsibility of the passenger to have the right fare before getting on the bus...such a shame to see the young lad being subjected to this. He should be in school..
Jan 09, 2013
18-40 GMT
What a woman,Ghanaian women are strong and macho
nana prince
Jan 09, 2013
14-23 GMT
ahahahahaha.. I'm laughing not b'coz of the article per se.. I'm kinda privileged to be taking some free wonderful English lesson from our London "borga".. ei!! brofo paa nie..))) @osam...
Jan 09, 2013
11-37 GMT
Ah.. marcus gyamerah. So living in london couldn't polish Aaaba!!!
marcus gyamerah
Jan 08, 2013
19-53 GMT
oh ghana women have patiece pls i am osam gyamerah(garby) go abusco kibi 91-94 and now in london hear if white man or woman slap or hurt u she internation do it but she will say sorry pretending so u kant say a word so ghana women u are beautiful but yr attituded pls kam down,me if u make me haihai i dont want atall i like a quite woman i am 36yrs single if u are honest kal 00447411091898,touch screen and i set pin 4 my kradit not 2 run rough rough so if u kal first kal 2 in 10minutes or 00447796414773,00447454815699,00447853446731 all are my mobiles in use london i lik 2 heard from old abuscodians exp......or kade twifo hemang praso all i was chainsaw buyer shalloit used 2 live in hemang ur fada was a policeman is garby longtime kal me
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