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Fierce exchange of blows for a change
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  The refusal of the driverís mate to give a passenger of a Kwame Nkrumah Circle- Teshie Labadi trotro mini bus her change triggered the exchange of fierce blows between the two last Thursday afternoon. The woman boarded the car from Kwame Nkrumah Circle to Danquah Circle and on reaching her destination she demanded her change from the mate who dismissively said he had no smaller denomination to be able to give her the change. He then ordered the driver to move on Ė an action that infuriated the passenger who yanked the driverís mate out of the vehicle and threw a wild jab at him. With his tattered shirt tightened to his neck, the mate wriggled for freedom and gasped for breath. It took the intervention of a passerby and some passengers on board the vehicle to save the boy from further beatings. By David Andoh.  

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Jan 16, 2013
15-32 GMT
Women and their money! Still, the driver's mate was in the wrong.If he hasn't got any change,he should give back the lady's money as long as the denominator is reasonable. The onus is on the mate to have change.
a lesson
Jan 13, 2013
22-49 GMT
it serves th mate rit
Jan 09, 2013
3-20 GMT
this mates sumtyms i just dont understand them they are chiky and serves him right

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