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Fierce exchange of blows for a change
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  The refusal of the driverís mate to give a passenger of a Kwame Nkrumah Circle- Teshie Labadi trotro mini bus her change triggered the exchange of fierce blows between the two last Thursday afternoon. The woman boarded the car from Kwame Nkrumah Circle to Danquah Circle and on reaching her destination she demanded her change from the mate who dismissively said he had no smaller denomination to be able to give her the change. He then ordered the driver to move on Ė an action that infuriated the passenger who yanked the driverís mate out of the vehicle and threw a wild jab at him. With his tattered shirt tightened to his neck, the mate wriggled for freedom and gasped for breath. It took the intervention of a passerby and some passengers on board the vehicle to save the boy from further beatings. By David Andoh.  

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Jan 22, 2013
8-45 GMT
I'm sorry for the small boy, Ghana where lies our priorities? look at this small boy who has to be in school is slaving his life just for koko sakora which almost cost him his life, lets ask ourselves, is it that he wants to be a kobolo or there is no parental support meanwhile the driver's kid or children are in school. Where lies our sense of really reaching out to help no matter how small it is as Ghanians.Lets rise up from our sleep The woman too did not help at all ,what if at the time she dragging the boy out of the vehicle , the kid fell and that was the end would that have compensated for the few coins that she couldnt get? I am not saying i side with the boy for being disrespectful but is she not a mother? where was her motherly love.... Can the GPRTU do something about minors working while they are suppose to be in school? God should save Ghana......
Jan 14, 2013
15-50 GMT
This society is so interesting... We are the most pretenders on earth. Why? hear me folks; At some point in time each of us have joined a trotro from one point of Accra or otherwise..... Fact is all the mates are simple disrespectful, very very disrespectful and can really shout on you for simple asking for a change due you; on the other side; they always charge differently at different times... and in many cases when you challenge them; all inmates in the trotro simple refer to you as booklong, tooknown, and wanting to disturb public peace. It's like; please pay and let's go... that is what we have and please don't disturb us all...and I have seen a primary school boy mate insult an elderly woman for simply begging him to carry a load of 1box and not having money to pay....That is our reality...SYSTEMS DON'T WORK.... one would ask? what is this primary school boy doing in the 1st place as a mate? SYSTEMS DON'T WORK. 2013... and we still pack ourselves (20 persons) in a vehicle of 15 seater..... SYSTEMS DON'T WORK... The woman did well in beating the hell out of the boy.
Jan 12, 2013
5-41 GMT
dont blame anyone blame those who voted Ndc,if we free education system did will be at school that time.Now i know Ghanians are rich,they dont like free education
Kwesi from
Jan 11, 2013
12-50 GMT
In as much as the woman faulted, the driver's mate may also be blamed just like the driver. I have had that experience be4 where these mates tell you there is no change when u even clearly indicated to them you wil a light earlier, u wil ci them givin change to people goin to the final destination. When u finally get down, u are told there is no change. When u challenge them, they hop into the bus and throw a few coins or give u less than what is due u, knowing very well you cannot chase a moving bus. It is a strategy some of these driver's mates adopt to short change passengers. May be thats why the driver did not bother though two wrongs does not make a right.
mugu yaro
Jan 10, 2013
9-10 GMT
plse let learn to control our anger. so no comment or directive from the driver? give the woman her change.
Jan 09, 2013
23-43 GMT
it all bores down to good parenting,if the boy had good parents he would have been kept off the streets and be studying in school.that is not his fate.parents should be responsible for the children they bring into this world
Nii Anyetei
Jan 09, 2013
14-52 GMT
That's the Better Ghana Agenda for you!!
Jan 09, 2013
14-16 GMT
I want to ask some few questions. 1. Where was the driver who employed this little helpless boy? 2. Why didn't he the driver intervened and save that little boy from such beatings? 3. Why should the driver allow the little boy to run out of smaller denominations knowing the kind of situation this may bring? But in any case, 'Madam', you could have exercise some restraint and spare that little boy that unfortunate beatings. He may have been childish in his response to your demand of your change but ......
Jan 09, 2013
13-35 GMT
hahaha...does she even know that she has being caught on tape...oh yawa give this lady oo.....if u want equality does it mean u should fight this small body in the street like that...mate u too i do a fine change small so say u no go get this wahala...ajeeei Gh de bee K3k3!
Jan 09, 2013
12-08 GMT
I can see tears in the small boy's eyes. Indeed the inscription on the car says it all.- "No where cool" This is the price Ghanaians have to pay for stealing the ballot for Mahama. Free education will surely fight this. Support the court action of the NPP every Ghanaian
Ernie Maestro
Jan 09, 2013
12-07 GMT
lol. This woman should be sent to WAJU for molesting this small boy. Then the driver also to WAJU for child labor. And finally the boy himself to ahenfie for disrespecting an adult
Jan 09, 2013
11-07 GMT
Feeling really sad for the young lad, he should be in school however for the not so pleasant circumstances which is beyond the personal he is working as a driver's mate to survive. I don't blame him, i blame the system.
Yao Loto
Jan 09, 2013
10-23 GMT
Mr JS i agree with you 100%. There was tears in my eyes when i watched these pictures. A small who is supposed to be in school and due to poverty he is hustling for a living and due his childish attitude been beaten up by an older woman. Is very painful process for some of these kids. Some of these are eventually the bread winners of their poor parents. All must exercise restraint in dealing with these little kids. They meant no harm but just chilldish.
Andrew jay
Jan 09, 2013
10-10 GMT
Wow, that's woman power.Equality na wow;I suppose no further Beingin 1985.Ghana has already fully implmented it and harnessing the full benefits.This is trully captivating;women are beginning not to talk the right but to physically benefit the fruit of it.GO ON WOMEN;REVOLUTION, SHOULD ANY GOD DEM IT ATTEMPT TO UNDERMINE YOUR CAPABILITY.Do not wait for any man in suit to speak for you.Get onto it and give the jabs!!!!.Fantastic fotos.Jah bless
Jan 09, 2013
8-17 GMT
There is nothing funny/interesting to your readers about a boy being beaten up by an older woman. These are disgraceful pictures.

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